Adopted And Made New: I struggled with self-hatred

by Alex Moore


God has honestly done so much in my life during the heart module that it's hard to pin point certain things. He has literally changed everything. He's changed the way that I see people, the way I see him and most powerfully the way that I see myself. For so long growing up I struggled with self-hatred and over the past 5 months at Catch The Toronto he's just been tearing down all these walls that I've placed around my heart and he's begun to show me who I truly am! 

I've come to know myself as a son of God, not just the head knowledge that I had before but everyday it's becoming firmly fixed in my heart; I am his child and this revelation has had the biggest impact on my life. When I visited my family over the break I realized how much I had changed, I felt different, I felt confident, truly confident probably for the first time in my adult life.

I have just begun to love myself, I now like the way that God made me and I'm actually thankful, something I'd never thought I'd say before. Before school I was also struggling with pornography and masturbation and I haven't struggled with that once since starting the school. I know that I'm truly free from it, not just the act of doing it but also the shame that I was carrying has totally gone from my life.

He's also made me so sensitive to his presence and I can feel him in such a powerful way. He's turned my life around in the best way and poured himself upon me in a way I always dreamed he would.