Interning at Catch The Fire

Many graduates of the School of Ministry stay at Catch The Fire as an intern. Our interns are trainees that volunteer their time at Catch The Fire, while receiving incredible training and mentorship. Interning at Catch The Fire will help set you up for success in your future career and ministry.

Why become an Intern?

Here are some reasons that students decide to become interns

  • Learn more about ministry, behind the scenes - what does it really look like to pastor a church? Handle international ministry communications? Run a successful Youth program? Publish life-changing Christian books?

  • Train in a specific area - there are a huge variety of internships available (see internship opportunities below)

  • Become immersed in the culture of Catch The Fire - Spending a year working alongside people who are passionate about encountering God, being transformed and changing the world with their unique giftings, is bound to change you!

  • Great work experience - Many workplaces and ministries are looking for people with experience, and with a huge variety of internship opportunities on offer, each intern completes their internship with valuable training and experience that can be transferred into countless work roles. We've had students with little previous work experience launch into exciting careers after their internship, and students with established careers find vision and refreshing as they develop skills and spend time in the values at Catch The Fire.

  • Incredible opportunities - Interns are regularly involved in church ministry outside of their internship. Pastoral interns have sung in the House of Prayer, graphic design interns have helped with ministry in strip clubs, and kids ministry interns have been part of the AV team at conferences - to name a few! Interns also have the chance to go on mission trips with teams from Catch The Fire.

  • Any internship completed within a ministry approved by the the School of Ministry will give you credits towards the School of Ministry Diploma.

Internship Opportunities

Internships at Catch The Fire are varied and exciting. Take a look at some of these examples:


PASTORAL What is it really like to pastor a church? You’ll be trained by Catch The Fire’s pastors as you work alongside them. Pastoral interns work with campus pastors, investing in a specific area of the city.

WORSHIP Learn how to foster a culture of worship, run worship team practices and grow in your own musicianship.

AUDIO VISUAL If you love filming, lighting, or sound, this is the internship for you. You’ll learn how to operate audio visual equipment, have lots of fun, and gain valuable working skills.

CREATIVE DESIGN AND MARKETING In a world surrounded by marketing, it’s so valuable to know how we can use this tool to further the Kingdom of God. You’ll work with graphic design, social media, and other great creative tools.

HOUSE OF PRAYER God is raising up houses of Prayer across the Earth. House of Prayer Interns regularly play and intercede in House of Prayer sets, along with learning the behind-the-scenes management of a House of Prayer.

KIDS MINISTRY The Kids Ministry in Catch The Fire is raising up the next generation of revivalists. Learn what it’s like to run Children’s ministry where kids experience signs, wonders and miracles.

YOUTH MINISTRY If you have a passion to see youth on fire for God, and love a good laugh, you’ll love being part of Youth Ministry.

How to become a Catch The Fire Intern

Our interns are all graduates of the School of Ministry Advance Module. Often students get a taste for an area of interest in an elective track on the Heart Module, or with a placement in the Advance module.

To become an intern at Catch The Fire:
1. Graduate the Advance Module
2. Talk about your ideas with School of Ministry staff and potential supervisors.
2. Apply using the Intern Application (available from the School of Ministry staff).

Internships are tailored to suit each person, alongside the department that they are working in - we love to develop roles that suit you and will stretch and grow you in the best way possible.

Looking for an Intern?

Many graduates of the School of Ministry do incredible internships outside of Catch The Fire. We've seen our graduates intern in churches local to Toronto, and all over the world. If you're a pastor or a ministry leader, and you'd like to advertise your internship opportunity to Catch The Fire School of Ministry Graduates, contact us!

Looking for an Internship?

If you are a School of Ministry Graduate, we have a whole store of Internship opportunities that we can connect you with, both at Catch The Fire, and all around the world. Contact us to find out more.