Discover God's plan for the
personal journey of your heart.


Small Groups

The journey of the heart is a core part of all of our modules. Small groups are a huge part of this. You’ll be part of a small group, with 4–6 other students.

Each week, students meet in small groups to receive prayer, encouragement, and to process the week’s teaching. Small group is a safe place where you’ll get to share your heart and walk with a close group throughout the school. The Small Group Leaders are graduates of our 5 month school, who act as mentors and coaches for students.

You’ll also have weekly journal assignments to specifically target how the teaching sessions impact your life, so that you can get the most out of the school and grow in your relationship with God.


We value relationships that are built with trust and safety, where people flourish into who God made them to be. Many students build lifelong friendships during their time at the School of Ministry. It’s beautiful to see students truly come alive as they are known and celebrated by those around them.