The School of Ministry is a life-changing experience. The people that come to the School of Ministry are:

Ready to Invest

Whether you’re coming for 5 months or the 3-week Leaders School, coming to the School of Ministry is a conscious decision to invest your time, energy and finances in what God has for you. Come knowing that this investment will impact the rest of your life, but that it comes at a cost.


You're a committed follower of Jesus Christ who is hungry to know God more and would like to set some time aside to seek Him, grow in relationship with Him and learn more about His character and nature.

Desire to grow in Love

You value giving God the space to love you and are willing to learn what that looks like for you. As the Father pours His perfect love into you, you're able to love yourself and others in a deep, true way.


We believe that God wants to transform your heart and heal you of past hurts. Part of your time at the School of Ministry will include letting God heal your heart. We're not here to push you to receive healing, but there will be lots of opportunity for you to let God encounter any areas of pain.  


The School of Ministry has a packed schedule, and you’ll be given weekly assignments. All of this is with a purpose: that you get the most out of your time here. This is not a place for the lazy or apathetic, but at the same time, we’re committed to helping you flourish in the SOM environment.

Ready to Grow in Confidence 

At the SOM you'll learn and practice some amazing ways to impact the world around you. Even if you're not confident to prophesy, pray for others, or evangelize, all you need is a 'yes' in your heart, and God can do the rest.  


The School of Ministry isn’t just for people that are, or want to be, full time pastors. It’s a place of ministry training and personal equipping; we believe that God wants to shape people for all areas of life. Our graduates go on to be active within their church community, alongside a great diversity of other things, as God leads.




No educational pre-requisites (however, know that there will be assignments such as sermons and book reports that you will need to complete).