The Advance Module follows on from the Heart or Worship Module. You'll develop your faith, ministry, and journey with God, alongside life-changing encounters with the Holy Spirit.

Advance Module students spend 2 days a week in transformative teaching sessons: going deeper in subjects like the Father's Love, Inner Healing, and Powerful Communication. Classes also allow students to learn how to study the Bible by going deep into the Old and New Testament.

Like all SoM courses, the Advance Module addresses the issues of the heart, a life lived with the Holy Spirit and the practical matters of Christianity.



The Heart and Worship modules are prerequisites for the Advance module. In order to be eligible to attend the Advance module, you will need to have completed 5 months of the Heart or 5 months of the Worship (runs in the Spring). 

There are two options for the full time course:

Placement Option | Classes run full time Thursday and Friday, and from Monday-Wednesday the rest of the week students trained in a placement in their area of interest. They will also be part of a small group and have ministry and outreach opportunities.

Working Option | Students that are citizens of Canada can engage with classes Thursday and Friday, alongside taking a part time job to support their studies. As with the placement option, working students will also be part of a small group and have ministry and outreach opportunities.



Advance Classes can be taken at any age! Courses run on Thursday and Friday in the mornings and afternoons. Each week is a different course. You can sign up for one course or all of the courses. Each course costs $100. To register, email


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