How much does each module cost?

Please refer to the Fee section for each module: Tuition Overview


How much money will I need for personal spending?

Your school fees cover tuition, accommodation, meals in the cafe and travel for outreaches. We suggest bringing around $25 to cover laundry, essentials such as toiletries and social activities eg. going to see a movie.


Can I work while I'm at the school in order to support myself financially?

The School schedule is demanding and varied including evening and weekend commitments, which makes it difficult to allow for permanent employment. Canadian students or those with a work permit are advised to assess the workload while here, and discuss their situation with the SOM Staff before making a decision to work or not. Contact Us


How many people will I be sharing a room with?

Most of our rooms are for four people. Room sizes can vary to accommodate 2-6 people. Learn More


What type of food is served at the school?

The school cafe serves a variety of foods to ensure that students have a balanced diet, however we are unable to provide vegetarian meals or cater to specific dietary requirements. There is a small kitchenette in the School of Ministry building that is suitable for making snacks only. Students are not able to cook or store food in their rooms.


Is there any free time in the school?

Please refer to the school schedule. Students have one full day off per week; usually Saturday. They also have one morning or afternoon and a few evenings per week depending on the schedule for that week. Learn more: Schedule


Is the School of Ministry accredited to any other academic institution?

Find your answer here:  Accreditation


Where will I be going on outreach?

The destinations will not be confirmed until School has begun. In the past teams have been sent to Europe, Central America and North America.


Am I allowed to have visitors while I am at the school?

Students are allowed to have day visitors, but due to fire regulations we cannot allow visitors to stay overnight in the School building. Day visitors must leave by 10pm.


Will I be expected to attend Catch The Fire while at the school?

While you are at School we consider you to be part of the Catch The Fire family and you will be involved in ministry at many of Catch The Fire’s conferences and weekly services. Learn more:  Church


Do I have to pay all my fees at registration?

Please pay for the full school fees on, or before registration day. There are payment plan options, which must be arranged with the School of Ministry staff before arrival. Learn More


Will I be able to return home on the weekends?

Students are permitted to have one weekend away per month, although this is affected by weekend ministry commitments. Time off for prior commitments such as weddings etc. can be arranged as long as sufficient notice is given.


What are some of the things I will be doing at the school?

The School schedule is full of a variety of different ministry opportunities on both a spiritual and practical level, as well as teaching sessions, worship, small groups and various creative workshops.  Schedule


Will someone pick me up at the airport?

Due to the volume of students we are unable to collect anyone from the Airport. However we are close by and a taxi to the school costs approximately $20. Taxi drivers will also accept American dollars.


Who are some of the teachers?

There will be a different speaker each week. Our regular speakers include John and Carol Arnott, Peter and Heather Jackson and Jeremy and Connie Sinnott, Gordon and Cathy Harris, Chris DuPre and Chip Judd among others.


What is 'Core Value Month' and do I need to attend?

Core Value Month is a prerequisite for all new School of Ministry students. Read about it in the curriculum for the Heart, Worship or Advance modules. Learn More


What type of furniture will be in my room?

A typical School of Ministry room offers 4 single bunk beds and a large built-in closet/wardrobe. Each room has air-conditioning, natural light and an en-suite bathroom. Learn More


Should I bring all of my belongings to school?

We would advise you to only bring what is necessary, as you will be sharing a room with two to five other people.


Can I bring my car to school?

Yes, there are parking facilities at the School. Please ensure you bring up to date insurance and licensing documents for your car. If you wish to drive others for the outreaches, you can apply to become an approved driver with Catch The Fire. Contact the School of Ministry office for more info.  Contact Us


Can I bring my dog or cat?

No, not even a hamster. Sorry. :)


Can I bring my children to the school?

We have had families attend the School of Ministry in the past. We assess this on a case by case basis. Please note that we do not provide day care or teaching facilities. For more information, please contact the School of Ministry office. Contact Us


Should I bring my musical instrument to school?

Yes, however please be aware that space for accommodating larger instruments, for example drum kits etc. is limited.


Can I claim tax back on my fees?

Catch The Fire School of Ministry is part of Catch The Fire, a charitable organization. Fees are therefore HST exempt. Because the School of Ministry is not recognized by the provincial or federal government as an educational institution, tuition is not tax deductible, and we cannot issue tuition receipts for tax purposes.

Fees paid to CTF School of Ministry are paid in return for goods and services rendered, fees do not count as charitable donations. Learn more.


Why do I need health insurance?

Health care in Ontario is not free and must be paid for by the individual or their insurer. People visiting Ontario are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and therefore need to make individual arrangements to ensure that they have adequate medical cover. Students that go on outreach to foreign countries need to ensure that they have adequate travel/medical cover. Catch The Fire School of Ministry is not able to pay for your personal medical expenses.


How long will it take to process my application?

In order to process your application, we need your application with your full set of references. It will take 1-2 weeks to process your application and get back to you. Take note that during some of our peak times, processing can take 3-4 weeks. 


What is the deadline for applications?

We don't have an official application deadline, but please be aware that processing will take 1-2 weeks, and we must have your full application before we can process it. For more information, read 'How to Apply'.

Can I come to the School of Ministry if I smoke?

We have a no smoking, no drugs and no alcohol policy at the School of Ministry.