taking our love for God and impacting the community around us with
the Kingdom of Heaven.


Whether you’re coming to the Leaders School, or a 5-month school, our heart is that you not only receive incredible training and transformation, but become launched and activated into what God has for you. You’ll learn to prophesy, to pray for healing, and to share the good news of Jesus Christ in church, in the wider community, and throughout the world.


In the 5-month Modules, you’ll be engaged in practical ministry throughout the school, which then culminate in a three-week outreach.

In Month 2, you'll be put into an outreach team with around 10 other students, led by two Small Group Leaders. Each week you'll spend time praying and preparing for outreach with lots of fun team building activities. You'll also spend two evenings a week practicing ministry with your outreach team - caring for the homeless in downtown Toronto, worshiping in Catch The Fire's House of Prayer and praying for people on the streets and in malls.

The three week outreach at the end of the school is your time to step out on the water and put into practice all the things you have been learning! So many of our students report that they experience incredible growth and breakthrough while they’re on outreach, giving away what they had received. We send outreach teams all over the world.


Past destinations have included: Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Sweden, France, Germany, South Korea, South Africa, California (USA), England, Ireland, Iceland, Miami (USA), Denmark, Finland, Alabama (USA), Haiti, Alaska (USA), Vancouver Island (Canada) and many more.