Out of Africa

Growing up on the mission field in Africa, I had a rich childhood. But it was also one that produced some intense injuries. As a white kid among all my black friends, I struggled with feelings of not belonging. Further, I lived with the fear of being sent to boarding school. This opened the door to some demonic spirits that invaded my life. I lived with this for too many years. However, during the leader’s school, the Lord brought me back to my childhood and began to remind me about these events that I had completely forgotten. Then he began to deliver me from the demons, fear and lack of belonging that I had lived with. And suddenly my spirit was freer, my body felt lighter and my mind had a surprising transformation to its thinking processes. It was stunning and so amazing. God is good."


(Steve Long)

(picture - https://pixabay.com/en/photos/?hp=&image_type=&cat=&min_width=&min_height=&q=africa&order=latest)