Issues? What Issues?

Most people come to the School of Ministry knowing they need some sort of healing in their lives. They come wanting to deal with certain issues. Me, I was different - I actually applied to do the School of Ministry in Toronto in order to change the world. I felt I was in a great place with God and didn’t think I had any issues or needed any healing. Was I ever wrong!


By the second week of the school, I was at the front everyday weeping because of all the deep hidden hurts that starting surfacing. I hadn’t even realized how much false responsibility and need for perfection I was carrying. Father heart week at the School was life transforming as I felt God take me back to who He had created me to be: His little girl. All the pressure of performing, all the false responsibility, all the need to be perfect was falling off me like scales.


The school took me on a journey. It was a journey of understanding the capacity of my perfect Father which then enabled me to understand my purpose and identity. There is something powerful about taking time away from the busyness of life and devote it to this understanding. It is an investment for which I will forever be reaping the harvest.

(Miruna Veehuis)