The Heart Module, Worship Module, and Advance Module all begin with Core Value Month.
This month is a foundation and a launching pad for the rest of the school. The Core Values that are taught in the first month of the school underpin the rest of the school’s activities.


Hearing God’s Voice

This class breaks apart the old saying of “you know that you know that you know you hear God”, and brings simple, clear guidance on how to hear God. Whether you’ve never heard him speak to you before, or you hear his voice every day, you’ll grow in confidence that He is speaking to you.


The Father’s Love

Become “rooted and grounded in love” as you learn the truth of God the Father’s immense love and affection for you.

Healing Life’s Hurts

We all go through situations in life that cause pain, damaging the way we see ourselves, see others, and even the way we see God. Allowing God’s healing power to touch your life will transform the way you live. You’ll also gain tools that can help you and others maintain freedom.


The Prophetic

Prophecy is an incredible gift to strengthen and encourage the Bride of Christ, and everyone can prophesy! In this class you’ll learn what prophecy is and how to use the prophetic, including fun and simple practical activations.


At the end of Core Value Month, you’ll get to play a key part in one of Catch The Fire’s conferences. Conferences are always great fun as a student as you get to practice what you’ve learned, pray on the ministry team and experience the behind-the-scenes action.

All new students are required to attend Core Value Month. Returning students often choose to take the course a second time, in order to dig deeper with God and strengthen their foundations.