What No One Tells You About Going to the School of Ministry

By Alice Clarke

If you’ve heard testimonies from graduates of one of the Catches The Fire Schools of Ministry, you’ll know that it’s a completely lifechanging experience. In every semester, the students experience God, they’re transformed in the Father’s love and have incredible opportunities to share that love with other people in ministry and outreaches.

I spoke to leaders from the School of Ministry in Toronto, Canada, School of Revival in Raleigh, USA, and School of Ministry in London, UK, and asked them: What’s the one thing that no one tells you about going to the School of Ministry?

The answer, surprisingly, was the same across all three locations. Friendship.

Hannah Graham, director of the School of Ministry in London, asked graduates from their program across different years: ‘The students all said the same thing, they said, ‘I never thought I could have friends like it.’ People say, ‘I came to meet God and I met God and He gave me friends that would push me toward Him for a lifetime.’”


“People don't tell you that you make great friends. It's a byproduct really. I think that your experience of living with other people from other cultures knocks down a lot of prejudice,” added Gordon Harris, Director of the School of Ministry in Toronto. He also described how many people also don’t realize how much fun they’d have, growing, learning, and simply hanging out together.

Each of the Catch The Fire Schools of Ministry follow an intense program. You’ll go deep with God alongside students from around the world, learning together, praying for people, doing outreaches, taking new risks, and living life together. It’s a unique experience that you’ll share with your fellow students for the rest of life.

Michele Bridgers, administrator at the School of Revival in Raleigh talked about her own experience as a student on the school in 2013, “When I was on school there were only 10 of us full-timers, first year and second year. I'm friends with the people that I was in school with still... even though we're far apart and we may not talk every day it's like that immediate connection, when you get on the phone, just like they were right there with you yesterday.”

“Expect relationships that you never thought you would ever have, and people that will come under you and really love you where you are, and say, you're not meant to stay here, you're meant to go forward and grow,” said Michele.