A Beautiful Exchange

by gina devito



You know that moment in worship where God invades.


You stand in awe, in amazement. No words. Speechless.


In those moments of complete holiness, all I can do is cry. Tears stream down my face. All that is within me, every part of who I am, worshipping Him. You're worthy of it all. Worthy. You're so good to me. 


I begin to sing out the words of my heart. I stand, swaying left to right, right to left, my hands raised: a position ready to receive and to praise. I don't want to miss out.


In these moments of complete awe, all I can do is surrender. You can have it all, God. Here I am. I am Yours.


I won't miss out. You won't miss out. 


* * *

No longer will the past define what is to come. 


A few days ago, Sarah Rideout (a graduate of SoM), in all of her fearlessness and obedience, spoke out what God was doing during worship at the School of Ministry:


Two massive angels stand at the back of the room. Hands joined: they are united. They walk forward, moving everyone along with them. As people make their way to the front, their past is left behind. There is no turning back. He is doing a new thing. He is taking people out of the rear-view mirror. No longer will the past define what is to come. 


That morning, a shift took place. Unguarded emotion. Raw, real and redemptive. God was doing a new thing. 


Everyone stepped forward, eager to experience the freedom of God. And as always, God met them where they were. In all of His gentleness, He met them. He began by removing the grip of shame, causing rejection, depression, failure and comparison to fall to the floor. He took every one of His children by the hand and asked them: do you want to join me on this journey towards greater freedom?


willing hearts, overflowing spirits and hungry souls


With the participation and eagerness of the students, everyone made their way towards the front. With each step, a new level of freedom grasped. Courage and bravery amongst us. 


The students stood, ready to receive all the goodness that God had for them. The room was filled with willing hearts, overflowing spirits and hungry souls. 


* * *


say yes to a beautiful exchange with God


That morning, so many lives were changed because of a simple yes and a physical step forward. I want to challenge you to take that step forward and to say yes to a beautiful exchange with God. 


The definition of the word exchange is "the act of giving or taking one thing in return for another". God wants to take our sorrow, guilt, shame and hurt- all of it- and in return, give us what we truly long for: love. 


He wants nothing to come in the way of relationship with Him. Nothing to stop you from experiencing all that He is. No distractions. He wants all of your attention. 


Will you let Him transform you from the inside out? Will you participate in this beautiful exchange?