Confessions of Four Roommates



Encountering God. Being transformed. Changing the world. This is what School of Ministry is all about. All of our teaching are centered on equipping the students with tools to be powerful people.  


A few weeks ago, Ben and Sarah Jackson taught on boundaries and powerful communication in the Advance Module. Out of this teaching came a powerful testimony. One that affected four roommates. One that changed the lives of four women forever. Jennifer. Nicole. Christy. Debby.  


 * * *


The girls were each seated separately, each of them attending their usual Friday morning class. With expectation and anticipation filling every corner of the room, students seated, doors closed, class begun.  


The four walls could not contain what was about to happen. 


freedom filled ever corner of the room.


“What do you want to take back?” Sarah asked the students. She had just finished speaking about the value of powerful communication and how through a series of events, we can give away the things that matter to us most (i.e. our voice, dignity, passion, joy). 


A student yelled out. And another student. And another. Gradually resulting in a domino effect as people bravely proclaimed what they were taking back. Real, heart wrenching tears; bold, in-your-face laughter; buoyant, powerful statures. These expressions of freedom filled ever corner of the room. 


“My voice,” Jennifer declared through tears. And this was her assertion of power.  


But not everyone joined in.


That was the beginning of a testimony. One clothed in freedom, power and depth. For Jennifer’s act of vulnerability inspired and called out the vulnerability in those around her: her roommates.


* * *

they wanted their voice back.


That same evening, with nothing else on their schedule, they decided to pursue further freedom together. Jennifer, Nicole, Debby and Christy walked over to Marmac, a parking lot owned by Catch the Fire church. They all had something in common: they wanted their voice back. 


The four of them placed themselves, forming a circle, ready to experience what awaited them on the other side of silence. With the wind blowing in every direction and the cold covering them with a blanket of chills, they mustered up the courage to scream. Scream and yell. Yell and scream. Every scream and every yell drawing them closer to the freedom they’ve were itching to experience. 


Here is the reward of four girls choosing to exert the power and strength of God within them. Here are four beautiful testimonies because they said yes. And as their yes and actions partnered together, a powerful duo was formed. 


“For the first time in my life I could hear authority in my voice. I felt so empowered” (Jennifer Kornelsen, age 18).


“Yelling was such a freeing experience! I felt weights lift off my shoulders, and I now feel light, joyful and capable of speaking out!” (Nicole Briand, age 26). 


“It was just theory to me. God keeps reminding me to speak up and use my voice. He also shows me how he listens, values what I have to say and reminds me that I can tell him everything. I feel so encouraged and have gone deeper in intimacy with Him” (Debby Reszni, age 20).


“Yelling made me realize that I have a voice and God hears me” (Christy Victoria, age 19).

Would you like to experience a freedom like this? I challenge you to be intentional today. What do you want to take back? Speak it out. Write it down. Confide in a friend. Jesus died, so that we could experience freedom to its fullest. How will you respond?