Raising Up A Generation

Raising up a generation grounded and satisfied in Godly identity.
A generation that burns with passion.
A generation of visionaries that knows no limits.



Authentic encounters with God that change lives forever. Revelations of the truth that bring freedom, release destinies and help each of our students live confidently in the identity that God has given them. Radical healings and miracles.

As God moves in the lives of the individuals that come to the School of Ministry, we’re empowering them to lead the Body of Christ as servants. We’re showing people how to see revival in their families, workplaces, cities and nations. We want to impact present and future generations to live transformed lives; walking in God’s love and giving it away, until the earth is filled with the glory of God.

The School of Ministry is purposed to inspire students into deeper intimacy with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; through healing of the heart and a personal devotional lifestyle. In a loving and challenging environment we focus firstly on character growth and then on spiritual giftings by bringing the ministry of the Word and the Spirit together. We nurture leaders with kingdom mindsets and kingdom lifestyles to release the power of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives.



After satisfactory completion of each module students will receive a completion certificate and earn credits towards a Diploma in Ministry awarded by Catch the Fire. To receive the Diploma in Ministry, students must earn a minimum of 102 credits. This normally takes 2 years of study and application.


Credits are awarded as follows:

Core Value - 6 credits

Heart Module - 24 credits

Worship Module - 24 credits

Advance Module - 54 credits

After school completion, we can also provide a letter to confirm School of Ministry attendance, on request.


We are not recognized as an academic institution by the Government of Ontario and therefore do not have an accreditation number. However credits earned with us are transferable to some institutions. Find Out More