Our Leaders Schools are three weeks away from the demands of life and ministry to encounter God in a new way.

You'll be renewed and refreshed as you take time to pursue greater intimacy and deeper relationship with God. We want you to experience the love of the Father and have your heart restored. The Leaders School is a safe place where you can take time out from everyday life to find new passion, vision and direction for your life.

We are also excited to provide live translation into French and Portuguese at our July 2018 Leaders School. 


Who is it for?

The Leaders Schools are specially designed for ministers, lay leaders, leaders in business and communities, missionaries and spouses. You don't need to be a senior pastor to come to the Leaders School.


MOdules 1 &2

The Leaders School of Ministry is an immersion into our core values. We run 2 different modules. Module 1 runs in both January and July (see school dates here), and Module 2 runs in July only. If you're new to the Leaders School, we recommend you start with Module 1, as these subjects provide an important foundation for Module 2.

Here is an outline of the topics covered in Module 1 and Module 2:


Hearing God's Voice: God always has something to say! He loves speaking to you and He loves spending time with you. In this teaching, you will learn to hear the voice of God and discern when He is speaking. You will be given practical tools as you learn to recognize the voice of God throughout your life. 


The Father's Love: At the School of Ministry, we're passionate about the message of the Father's Love: that God is a good Father who loves us, His children. If you're hungry to go deeper in this revelation, this class is for you!


Healing of the Heart: Our past hurts can prevent us from going deeper in relationship with God and others, and soaring in the life God has designed for us. Having a healthy heart is something that we value here at School of Ministry. During this teaching, you will be encouraged to take a look inward and allow Holy Spirit to guide you as he heals your heart, and gives you the tools to walk in more wholeness throughout life.


Prophetic Ministry: This class takes out the mystery of the prophetic - you'll learn how to prophesy and have plenty of practice!  There's so much more to the prophetic than we can even imagine, and as we delve deeper into relationship with the Father, the more we'll know Him, recognize His voice and be equipped to share His heart with those around us!



Pursuing the Presence of God: Are you hungry for more of God? This teaching will inspire you to pursue the presence of God in everything that you do. Learn to be intentional as you cultivate deeper relationship with God and walk away equipped to pursue His presence. 


Identity: When we discover the truth of God’s word, and what he truly thinks of us, it changes the way that we think and act. This is a transformative course where students will learn to receive their identity in Christ.


Boundaries: Many of us struggle to say no. We may feel “run-over” by those who demand our time, money and effort. This class teaches you how to be powerful in your choices; deciding when, where, and how your time, money and efforts are spent. 


The Kingdom and Physical Healing: Jesus came with the message that the “Kingdom of God is among you”. This course outlines what this good news entails and how to apply it in daily life.  Also, a practical, hands-on instruction in the methods and theology of physical healing, including insight into the obstacles to health.


Leader & Team Coaching

Receive specific support as a leader, designed for you and your team! We run the Leaders School because we are passionate about seeing leaders walk in spiritual wholeness. But we also want to help you thrive as you run your church, and work together with your team!

For one week of the Leaders School, you can receive leadership coaching specific to you, as well as individualized coaching for your church leadership team. We design a week of coaching around your needs as leaders and/or as a team.

Before you arrive to the Leaders School, we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire to find out what needs you as a church leader/leadership team are facing.

You will continue to attend Leaders School classes in the morning, and in the afternoon, you will meet with experts who can help in needed areas, including:
- Vision development
- Strategy
- Children's, Youth or Young Adult Ministry

More Details

RESIDENTIAL - The Leaders School is a residential program, on a first-come, first served basis.  You can find more about School of Ministry Accommodation here.

DATES - In July, we run Modules 1 and 2 simultaneously (you won't be able to participate in both programs at once). Find upcoming dates in our calendar.

FINANCIAL INFO - Program prices are determined on whether you're staying offsite or onsite. For a full listing, look at our financial info page.

CONFERENCE INCLUDED - In January, the Leaders School includes Catch The Fire Toronto's Revival Leadership conference. You'll stay onsite at the School of Ministry during the conference.

How to apply

You can find the application here.

We showed up for the Church Planting Coaching Week with great anticipation, and weren't disappointed! Sessions were tailored to our particular needs and circumstances and in every case proved to be applicable, encouraging, and empowering. All of our coaches exhibited sensitivity, understanding of where we were coming from, and the context of the Father’s love, combined with sound practical wisdom. We came away freshly equipped in several areas of life and ministry. For us in particular this was in the areas of our future roles and transitions required, in the balancing of team giftings and personalities, and a Holy Spirit anointed passion for the next generation. The course definitely helped to provide us with bearings as we go forward into another season. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and for all the people involved.

- Wes & Sharron Boxall, Founding Pastors, Golden Valley Church, Gloucester UK.