This is a selection of classes offered as part of the Heart Module, after Core Value Month. Classes and speakers vary from semester to semester. 


The Wild Love of God

Fall in love with the character of God and His heart of love and grace for humanity. 


The Power of the Cross

A deep look at the life-changing power of Jesus' death on the cross. 



Discover the truth of God’s word, and what He thinks of you, and it will change the way that you think and act. 



What is your passion? Discover the dreams that God has put inside of you- the very things that bring you joy, make you smile and cause you to bubble up with excitement. 


God created us for intimacy. Learn to develop deeper intimacy with God in the secret place and from living daily life with Him.

Evangelism & Prophetic Evangelism

Learn how to hear God’s heart for a person, a city and the world around you. You will be given tools to preach the Gospel & to speak to others about the heart of God. 



Culture does not always portray healthy ways of relating between the sexes. Learn how to enter into relationship with the opposite sex with your values, honour and boundaries securely intact.

Flowing in the Holy Spirit

Discover how to sense the Holy Spirit’s leading and move with Him in ministry. Learn about who Holy Spirit is and why God sent Him.


The Kingdom of God

Jesus says in Luke 17:21 that “the Kingdom of God is among you”. You are a carrier of the Kingdom of God. Find out more about this Good News and what your role is. 


Physical Healing

What is healing? What is God's heart when it comes to physical healing? 



Most Christians feel “run-over” by those who demand their time, money and effort. However, people have the right to decide when, where and how their time, money and efforts are spent.