Raising up a generation grounded and satisfied in Godly identity.
A generation that burns with passion.
A generation of visionaries that knows no limits.



Authentic encounters with God that change lives forever. Revelations of the truth that bring freedom, release destinies and help each of our students live confidently in the identity that God has given them. Radical healings and miracles.

As God moves in the lives of the individuals that come to the School of Ministry, we’re empowering them to lead the Body of Christ as servants. We’re showing people how to see revival in their families, workplaces, cities and nations. We want to impact present and future generations to live transformed lives; walking in God’s love and giving it away, until the earth is filled with the glory of God.

The School of Ministry is purposed to inspire students into deeper intimacy with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; through healing of the heart and a personal devotional lifestyle. In a loving and challenging environment we focus firstly on character growth and then on spiritual giftings by bringing the ministry of the Word and the Spirit together. We nurture leaders with kingdom mindsets and kingdom lifestyles to release the power of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives.

The School of Ministry is an amazing place to invest time in pursuing God. In all that we do, he is our passion.

Why We're Here

At the School of Ministry, you’ll have opportunity after opportunity to encounter God and be changed by him forever. As each student takes time out of life to seek his Kingdom first, so many incredible things happen.

School life is varied and fulfilling. The environment is full of life and fun, excitement and new challenges. We believe in meeting you as an individual, right where you are, and helping you to get launched into what God has for you.

The tools that you’ll gain at the School of Ministry won’t just be through teaching sessions. The heart of the School of Ministry is to model a kingdom lifestyle that changes the way we do everything; knowing that God is a good Father, who wants real relationship with us, and who wants to us to partner him to transform our communities.


Through relationships with staff, teachers, and fellow students, you’ll learn to live powerfully; to make Godly choices and decisions that will affect the way you live the rest of your life.

We value relationships that are built with trust and safety, where people flourish into who God made them to be. Many students build lifelong friendships during their time at the School of Ministry. It’s beautiful to see students truly come alive as they are known and celebrated by those around them.

The focus of the School of Ministry is to enhance and strengthen the three journeys that we follow as believers: the upward journey, the inward journey, and the outward journey.

Three Journeys


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As God pours his love his love into us, we can’t help but respond with worship and adoration. This is what we call the ‘Upward Journey’; our relationship with God.

Worship is a core component of the School of Ministry. Each day we begin with live worship, to focus and centre us on what really matters. As part of your outreach team, you’ll have the opportunity to form worship bands and play in morning worship, and worship on outreach.
We also make space at other times in the week for you to invest in this journey with God, through soaking. Soaking has been called ‘tarrying’ or ‘waiting in his presence’, with a focus on taking time to rest in God’s presence and receive from him. Modern life can be full of stresses and demands, but as you learn to soak, you’ll find that you can encounter God’s peace no matter what is going on around.


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The second journey that we have as believers is the ‘Inward Journey’; the journey of the heart. At the School of Ministry you’ll get to know God’s heart for you. You’ll gain freedom as you encounter his healing, truth, and as you discover your unique identity in Christ.

To facilitate this journey, you’ll be part of Small Groups each week to track your progress throughout the school. You’ll also have journal assignments to specifically target how the teaching sessions impact your life, so that you can get the most out of the school and grow in your relationship with God.



The third journey is the ‘Outward Journey’. This is where we get to take our love for God and restored identities, and impact the community around us with the Kingdom of Heaven.

Whether you’re coming to the Leaders School, or a 5 month school, our heart is that you not only learn, but become launched and activated into what God has for you; to influence culture by living supernaturally. You’ll learn to prophesy, to pray for healing, and to share the good news of Jesus Christ, in church, in the wider community, and throughout the world.