The Heart of Worship

What is your motivation for being on stage? An exploration of the heart of a worshipper and developing a biblical philosophy of worship.


Prophetic & Spontaneous Worship

How to flow with the Holy Spirit. In this class you’ll learn to confidently sing and play the melodies of heaven in the moment, and to differentiate between prophetic and spontaneous worship. You’ll have loads of opportunity for practice!


Leading Worship

The practical "how to" of leading a band and a congregation in worship, from preparation to the last chord of a set.



An overview of the Christian music industry and the basics of how to record a CD. Included in this course is how to play the most important instrument of all - the soundboard.


Worship in the Bible and the Psalms

What did worship actually look like the Bible? And how does that apply to the way we do things today?

Harp and Bowl

The Harp and Bowl model has become famous through the House of Prayer movement. This course is an exploration and application of this model of worship and intercession.


Songwriting is a skill that can be honed. We all have a unique expression of worship, and writing songs is a great tool for this. You’ll learn how to create music and lyrics in a variety of forms; congregational songs, soaking, and personal expressions of the revelation that Holy Spirit gives you.

Children’s worship

Children bring an amazing energy and creativity to worship. This class looks at worship for children that isn’t just about having fun, but also leading them into the presence of God. There is no junior Holy Spirit!


Worship in History

The music we play today for worship is influenced by thousands of years of followers of Jesus who wanted to express their love for him. Learn why we play what we play, and also learn older forms that can inspire your musicality today.


Music Theory

Learn to use music theory in a practical way. This class isn’t just about head-knowledge; what you learn here will impact the way you play music forever.

Instrument and Vocal Training

Lessons given by teachers are offered on your instrument of choice (At present we offer: voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums). Some lessons are included as part of the course, and some at a small extra charge.