The School of Ministry is an amazing place to invest time in pursuing God. In all that we do, He is our passion.

Our Lifestyle

At the School of Ministry, you’ll have opportunity after opportunity to encounter God and be changed by Him forever. As each student takes time out of life to seek His Kingdom first, so many incredible things happen.

The tools that you’ll gain at the School of Ministry won’t just be through teaching sessions. The heart of the School of Ministry is to model a kingdom lifestyle that changes the way we do everything; knowing that God is a good Father, who wants real relationship with us, and who wants us to partner with Him to transform our communities.


The focus of the School of Ministry is to enhance and strengthen
the three journeys that we follow as believers:

the upward journey, the inward journey, and the outward journey.


The Upward Journey:

The Inward Journey:

The Outward Journey: