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Do you know someone that would love the School of Ministry? Do you think they would flourish in this environment?

We know that coming to the School of Ministry is a big commitment - it takes time, money, and the support of friends and family. We want to thank those of you that encourage and motivate students come to the School, because we recognise that you play a big part in the process. For every referred candidate that attends the School of Ministry, we’ll send a gift of our appreciation to the person that recommended them with this form below.

If you know someone who’d benefit from coming to the School of Ministry, we’d love to get in touch with them. Simply fill in the form below, and we’ll be in contact!

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Terms and Conditions

The purpose of the School of Ministry Referral Program is to thank and reward those who recommend the Catch The Fire Toronto School of Ministry to their friends and family. Anybody who will recommend one of the modules of the School of Ministry (5 month training only), will be eligible for this Referral Program.


The term ‘referral’ is used to speak about the person coming to the School of Ministry after being advised by a ‘referee’.
The term ‘referee’ is used to describe the person who recommended the School of Ministry to his friends.


  1. The referee registers to the referral program by communicating the name and contact details of the referral on the School of Ministry website. As part of the registration, the referee must enter their own details and those of the referral, by doing this they confirm that they have permission to share their contact information.
  2. The School of Ministry acknowledge the referee registration and thank him for the recommendation.
  3. The School of Ministry contact by email the referral to offer help in the process of filling up application.
  4. The reward will be sent to the referee once the referral is accepted to one of the 5 month modules of the School of Ministry and after the referral has faithfully attended the first four weeks of school.


To qualify for the SoM Referral Reward Program, the referee has to follow the registration instructions on the School of Ministry website. The referee can not be a School of Ministry staff member or a Catch The Fire Marketing staff member.

The referral must be received before the application of the student, no back-dated referrals will be accepted.


For each successful referral, a $100 CAD gift card will be given to the referee. The School of Ministry cannot guarantee the successful mailing of this gift card. If a gift card is lost in the mail, the School of Ministry will not provide a replacement. The referral reward is subject to change without notice.