Designed to Grow Worshippers
and Worship Leaders

Do you love God and love to worship Him? Do you want to develop your musical gift? Do you want to experiment, experience and explore aspects of worship you’ve never touched before?



Coming to the Worship Module affects your heart, your character and your talent. Whether you’re an experienced musician or are following God’s call to start exploring worship, the Worship Module has something for you.

If you’re hungry for an encounter with Him that makes you more radical, more creative and more passionate, then you’ll find it here. At Catch The Fire you’ll find an environment where music and worship is valued highly; a place ready to invest in growing worshippers. By the end of the Worship Module you'll be more equipped as a musical worshipper, but more than that you'll be a more heart-felt, spirit-led, life-style worshipper.



Worship is at the core of the School of Ministry. We start each day with a worship set, and love to make room for the Holy Spirit, whatever we’re doing.

Class time for the Worship module is all about impacting you at a heart level, inspiring you, challenging you, changing you and empowering you to live and worship with passion. You’ll receive a broad spectrum of teaching, which will give you a balanced understanding of worship in the Body of Christ. It's an amazing opportunity to learn firsthand from experienced worship leaders, recording artists, and musicians; we guarantee you'll be inspired and challenged by them!


develop Your Passion

Whether you’ve been playing for years, or are starting out on an instrument, there’s always room to develop and grow in excellence. Practical sessions are tailored to each student’s musical abilities.

You’ll develop your musical skills with regular instrument and vocal lessons, plus worship team practices. You’ll also gain a lot of practical musical experience with regular opportunities to play on worship teams at the School, during church services, and during outreaches.
There’s also plenty of room to explore creativity—to try an instrument you’ve not played before, to try out different musical styles, even to explore other creative arts. Worship module students get to experiment with music, dance, art, writing, and other visual arts.