Do you speak English as a secondary or other language? 

We have many students come to the School of Ministry that don’t speak English as their first language. If you're coming for one of our 5 month programs, we want to help you learn right from the first month of the school by breaking down the language barrier as much as possible.

You can come a month early to the School of Ministry, for our immersive Language Training Program. You’ll have daily classes for the first month, alongside plenty of practical opportunities to become confident in English before the School program begins. You’ll then have 4 hours of classes each week after the 5 Month modules begin, so that you can grow in confidence as you receive life-changing teaching and get to know your fellow students.

Please note: the language program is offered for students of the 5 month modules.


FEBRUARY / AUGUST (the month before the 5 month program begins)

Monday - Friday 

  • Class 2 hours each day - English as a Second Language (ESL) training with a certified teacher
  • Practical Training - Volunteering in an area of Catch The Fire’s ministry. You’ll get to see behind the scenes at Catch The Fire, alongside practicing speaking English and getting to know our staff.


  • Free time to explore Toronto
  • Visit our church campuses
  • Take part in Conversation Central with our Central Campus in downtown Toronto. You'll practice speaking English and make friends with new people over a tea or coffee!



  • After registration for the Heart or Worship Moduleyou’ll join in with the full-time School of Ministry Program. 
  • 4 hours of ESL Class each week - You’ll also have 4 hours of English class each week for the first month of the program.

How to apply

Complete your application found here. When you send in your application, let us know that you want to attend the Language program!

Why sign up?

Gain confidence

  • The language program will help you communicate and speak more confidently in English.
  • You'll be stretched and provided opportunities to practice the language in everyday settings alongside classroom settings.
  • You'll also be able to improve your ability to listen to and understand the English Language.
  • Because you arrive one month early, you'll get a head start to know your way around the School of Ministry, you'll get to meet the staff and interns, and also you'll explore Toronto.
  • You will be ready and confident to complete the 5 month program.
  • If you have questions, you'll receive individual help and attention during language class times.

Quality teaching, based around your needs

  • All of our teachers are Canadian qualified teachers to teach English as a secondary or other language. 
  • All the materials you will need for class will be provided.
  • Our teachers use an effective variety of teaching methods.
  • During class times, you'll have the opportunity to exercise and receive feedback on conversational English inside and outside classroom.
  • All homework and class work you do will be evaluated and effective feedback will be given.
  • You'll learn the specifics of English grammar, and apply them to to writing and conversation –Adjectives, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Prepositions, Articles etc.

Extra help with the school program

  • In language class time, you'll review key words that will be used in the SoM program, so that you're familiar with them before they begin.
  • Before the school program begins, you'll receive a list of your assignments and book reports. You'll have time to start them early and receive extra help where you need it.
  • During the first month of school, you'll spend time in the language class reviewing the week's teaching, so that you are confident that you understand everything.

Skills that will change your future

  • Speaking multiple languages is an incredible skill! It will open up doors for you in social, educational and professional settings.
  • You will expand your social and professional vocabulary.
  • Many of our students come to the School of Ministry and gain a strong understanding of the English language in just 6 months!

Certification provided

  • At the end of the program, we will provide certification of completion of the language program.
  • We will also provide a letter that you can use for future schools or employers to support your certificate and explain the training you have had.