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The Advance Module curriculum includes the following classes, which are taught over two semesters. Students can attend a single semester, or complete both semesters of the Advance Module:


Biblical Interpretation

This course is a step-by-step guide on how to read, and interpret the Bible.


The Pentateuch

The first 5 books of the Bible are full of the life and truth of God, that has the potential to impact the Christian walk today.


The Biblical World

Understanding context is a key principle for those that want to study the Bible. But what was life really like when Moses lived, or when Jesus was walking the Earth?


Church and Revival History

A church history course with special emphasis on the factors and values leading to revival. Students also discover the actions and theology that have derailed some of these movements. Application to the present life of the believer is encouraged.


The Letter of Paul to the Romans

Paul’s letter to the Romans has the potential to transform the church. This course looks at the truths that Paul lays out in Romans.


Foundational Doctrines

This course explores the foundational truths that shape Christian living today.


Men and Women Revealed

What was God’s original intention for male-female relationships? How did it get messed up? And how did Jesus restore men and women to the fullest intentions? What did Paul really say about women? Learners will have their minds and relationships changed.


The Character and Nature of God

An in depth look at the character and nature of God. Who is he? And what can we really know about him? The reality of who he is will impact students and change their lives.



Leadership is the topic of many books. But it is not science. It’s an art.


Jesus, Moses and Paul

A conversation about grace, works and holiness from the perspective of the key voices we should be listening to.


Advanced Prophetic

A class for those with initial prophetic training that want to go further.


The Future, End Times and the Return of Jesus

A look at the events of the Last Days from multiple perspectives. People in this class will be encouraged and find explanations for some of the most confusing issues of this topic.


Spiritual Gifts

An introduction and exploration of the nature of spiritual gifts. Students will learn to appreciate the range of gifts and to figure out what God has for them.


Cultivating the Inner Life

An exploration of spiritual disciplines and the role they play in Christian life. This course will not just inform, but form a person’s life.


Stepping Out of the Boat

Everyone talks about Faith, but what is it and how do you grow in it? This course will inspire you to develop your faith.


Dream Interpretation

God speaks to people in many different ways, one of which is through dreams. This course looks at the biblical precedents and principles for this communication through dreams. Students are encouraged to pray for dreams and to evaluate some of their more significant ones.