5-Month Modules

These full-time 5 month modules are immersive courses, giving you an opportunity to invest time in your relationship with God, in a way that will influence the way you live the rest of your life.


3-Week School

Twice each year we run a 3-week Leaders School, for those that aren’t able to take five months out of their schedule. We want to see transformation throughout all generations in the Body of Christ, and the 3-week Leaders School is an incredible time for people of influence to become restored, refreshed and reignited with passion for Jesus.


Our Vision for the School

We want to equip you to go deeper with God, to know his transformation in your life, and be activated to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. We’ve created 4 different courses that cater to different interests and age groups. They can be taken individually or consecutively. Whatever you decide, it’s our commitment to help you get the most out of your time at Catch The Fire School of Ministry.

All of our modules are infused with the same values; love of the Holy Spirit, pursuit of Godly transformation and bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. They are designed to impact students at a heart level, bringing revelation, transformation, and empowering students to live with passion.

Class times are always centered around the presence of God. Our modules don’t only operate on a cerebral level. We’re passionate that each person connects with God in a real way about what they’re learning, and that’s why there’s a focus on ministry times in many of the classes.

There is also an opportunity for further growth by taking one-week courses, in the Advance Class.