FINANCIAL Information

From $2,200 - 7,590 per person

Application Fee

$30 per person


Heart and Worship | 5 Month Modules

Tuition only

Includes: Tuition only

Standard Full Package

Includes: Tuition, Food, Accommodation, Outreach


Married Full Package

Includes: Tuition (30% off spouses tuition), Food, Accommodation, Outreach for a married couple


*Additional price options and add ons available. See build your own plan for details

*Discounts are available for returning students. Please contact for more details or visit our FAQs page


5 Month Package Builder

Step 1: Starting price

*No accommodation is provided
*Meal top up cards can be purchased from cafe

$2200 Tuition

Step 2: Food and Accommodation

Living Onsite Packages

Standard Meal Plan: $3400
Light and Premium plans coming Spring 2019

*All meal plans include accommodation
*Accommodation is only available with a meal plan

Living Offsite Packages

No cost


Step 3: Outreach

Full Outreach Package (training and 3 week trip): $1980
Outreach training only (no 3 week trip): $500
No outreach: $0

Step 4: Bedding (optional)

Single bedding set: $200
(Duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow case, fitted sheet)


Advance Module

Tuition: $1650


Food and accommodation

Standard onsite meal plan: $2550
Live offsite: no charge
*Includes food and accommodation for 3 months
*Light and premium plans coming soon


Core Value Month (optional)

Tuition and accommodation for free!
Just need to pay for food: $500
*Light and premium plans coming soon


Outreach (optional)

You get to organise your own outreach with your classmates anywhere in the world!



2 Months Training


Language training for the month before the 5 month program begins (February/August) and the first month of the 5 month program (March/September) , and meals & accommodation for February/August.

1 Month Training


Language training for the first month of the 5 month program only (March/September - after registration)

Please note: These costs are additional to the 5 Month Module costs listed above.


3-Week Leaders School


Full Package


Tuition, accommodation and all meals

Tuition Only


Weekday Lunch


Per person for the 3 week program, for those who are living offsite.


Full Package


Tuition, accommodation (in separate single sex shared rooms) and all meals.
Includes 30% spouse tuition discount.

Tuition Only


Married couple tuition.
Includes 30% spouse tuition discount.

Leader & Team Coaching


Per person, in addition to tuition, meals and accommodation quoted above. A pastor who brings their team for the coaching week (3 or more people total) receives the coaching for free.

We are unable to provide private bedrooms for married couples during the Leaders School. 

Please note that all residents of the SoM building are required to take the full meal plan.

Linen Hire
$40 per person For residents only – Includes pillow, duvet and sheet set


Church Planting Module

Our CHurch planting module is changing

Watch this space for more details



All prices are Canadian Dollars.

Catch The Fire School of Ministry is a ministry of Catch The Fire, a Canadian registered charity. Fees are GST exempt and PST is included in the cost of food.

Please note that Catch The Fire School of Ministry is not a registered post secondary institution with the Canadian government therefore tuition is not tax deductible. Invoices and receipts from the School of Ministry cannot be used for income tax purposes (ie. for a T2202A form).

Fees paid to Catch The Fire School of Ministry are paid in return for goods and services; therefore, fees are not eligible as charitable donations.